Tuesday, January 17, 2006

whErEvEr i mAy rOAm

Hi and gud morning to all.. here we go..

I thought this week is gonna be the last working week b4 Chinese New Year.. Everything is prepared and packed.. Few things that I need to send it back to Terengganu.. At the moment, to many things in my room.. Too crowded.. All the cupboard and sideboard is chock-full or even the small cabinet also is fully occupied.. everything needs to be refurbished.. ( bak kata ted… rindu mase mu jual baju ted.. mahal gler… mahal dari bundle lg.. doh kasut Hush Puppies laku dok lg..?? )

… back to CNY holiday story…
Its another 2 more weeks to go.. This year CNY is going to be the best gongxifacai ever.. because this year.. we are endowed with a long hari raya break.. not for student laa… pity u YOE.. And for us.. (refers to all the normal employees like me, Ery, Pokyok, Ted etc) what we need to do is.. take a leave on Monday.. 3rd February... automatically we’ll get a total holiday, altogether is about 8 days.. Wah. Long deserved break is coming, isn’t it?? Meaning to say.. there will be no discussion calls.. and training as well..Fuhh! (baru rasa best kalo ada cuti.. kalo tak.. HARAM.. tak best langsung..) Tapi…

ada gak yg best.. takkan semua benda tak best.. tipu sgt laa.. Some activities are tremendously like to be doing in this city centre.. For a real KL-ian, I don’t know how ur lifestyle's look like (refers to a western oriented, and a western digital minded, printer trouble-shooter.. the only one.. CASPER..my favourite imatation for the MessageBOred.. not to say model laa.. nanti perasan..) .. As for me… and my colleagues.. lots of activities that I enjoy doing … and they enjoy doing it too.. ( I think so..) … For instance,

hOL***y *** Glen**rie..
Y*w CH***,
KOwn, abang, fathi and nadja..... eh lupa lakk.. maddaha...
kedai karipap makcik menara TM
studio menyamar cybercafe,
studio mama, studio rival..
balkoni umah aku... shukran..
umah mas…
cd umah sahak…
……………………………………..and e few more… i believe)

Jgn jeles org Kampung..!! meh laa datang KL.. tambahkan bancian anak perantauan di kota metropolitan Kuala Lumpur… GONG XI FA CHAI..! Peace..!!!


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