Tuesday, February 28, 2006

siam.. here i come..

Elo and gudevning..

After almost a month.. i didn’t update this entry.. a MESSAGE BORED of mine… CURRENTLY, in my head there are lots of things that I want to share… since the past few weeks, I intended to write down something here.. But I couldn’t make it.. byk keje nak kene settlekan.. Everything some sort like urgent.. Due date is around the corner.. lots of reports have to be completed before the time is over. And ALHAMDULILLAH, semua dah ready.. all I have to do now is to transport it all to PRODUCTION and it is ready to be used!! (sorry laa.. masuk bab keje skit.. sapa yg paham.. paham laa)

Since I’ll be leaving to Phuket tomorrow, everything must be clarified and well organized..!! Jobs and tasks need to be defined first... !! Or else, keje tak siap.. nanti balik keje nxt week, mampus nak menjawab..!! Mm.. I don’t know which topic comes first. Don’t know where to start.. semua dah mixed around.. dah takde turutan..

So I start with valentine’s day…
Masa valentine baru nie.. gua tak gi mana2… duk umah jer… maklum laa.. I don’t support the day where Ratu Isabella ( if I am not mistaken) declared it’s a day to celebrate a priest named ermmm St. Valentino.. menurut sumber2 yg tak tau kesahihannyer… Valentino dah berjaya mengalahkan org islam… dia mengahwini his second gfren (bukan islam) dan tinggalkan the first one that he met.. (yg beragama islam).. Ratu Isabella pun declare laa hari itewww sbg Valentine’s day.. (hari memperingati kekasih). I am not quite sure on that and I am quite lazy enough to investigate the truth ness of it due to my sleepiness… ngantuk bangat baa..!! and also broadband problems as well lahh..there are a lot of stories to be put in the pictures about this Valentine's Day tp taknak lahh.. go and goggle it yourself bro..!!

And today is my last day before celebrating the CUTI CUTI THAILAND… I have sent all the pending issues and list of jobs need to be done to all my group members.. so.. I don’t have to worry anything.. hope to enjoy myself there… tomorrow is the day.. the first time where I ‘ll be going out from my beloved land, Malaysia… 12 tghari.. waktu yg tertulis di atas ticket flight AIR ASIA yg dah di booked since December 2005… from the plan scheduled, I’ll be accompanied by others penjahatsss (Yoks, Sahaks, Ery, KomengsDe dan LynnEvo). All together is 6 ppl lahhh..!!! So.. enjoy yourself guys… (ucapan kepada diri sendiri sebenarnya… huhu)

Dah.. sbnarnya ada lg benda nak citer.. tp tak sempat.. dah almost 7pm.. and I need to go for some exercises.. TM Gym is the place where I always go to hit upon my healthy life… and this evening, I need to be there before go back to Hillpark... that means.. I got to go guys.. See you on Monday… Mak pergi menaikkan nama Malaysia di mata dunia… bak kata pokyok.. we’ll bring along these 2 pepatah:

“berani mati tak mati…”
“takkan melayu ilang di dunia..”


(gambar dipetik dari koleksi peribadi.. abaikan imej di dalam gambar dan tarikh gambar diambil)


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