Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DST Phuket Trip

A s s a l a m u a l a i k u m n s a l a m s e j a h t e r a . . !


Its almost 2 weeks.. I’m back in Malaysia.. Land of peace and harmony... after coming back from Phuket.. my first ever overseas trip.. (walau pon tak across mana mana laut pon kan?? haha) I’ve started my work … At first.. Its quite difficult to give my 100% commitment to office works.. However, slowly.. i managed to handle my mood and getting back to my normal my efficiency and effectiveness.. haha.. bahasa T7!! The engine was quite cold at the beginning.. Thus, it took me a few days to to warm it up so that it can move fast and running like before.. Everything is here already.. all the overload jobs and tasks need to be finished.. No More Patong.. No more money.. No More Honey.. (NO MONEY NO HONEY) *Patong Theme!!*

Syukur alhamdulillah mood keje tu masih ada.. Even, the engine is running faster than before.. the determination is different.. Better than ezra.... I think so..! Haha.. perasan plak.. After 4 days being tuned-up by the Siamese Mechanic, the condition of the engine is quite fluctuated and not stable.. Sometimes it goes ‘glowing positively‘. But sometimes the other way around.. I am not sure..!! what is wrong with me.. dah kene mandremm kot.. or smgt bercuti tu ada lagi.. ataupon.. The mind enlightens the body for more vacation trip .. hahha.. I hope so.. but the problem now is MONEY..!! takdak duit.. huhu.. sdih.. about the mechanic matters, pls don’t misinterpret! *OFF RECORD!! * (it depends on individual interpretation and perception!) tp percayalah.. aku masih suci..!! **matilaa.. sapa sapa yg tak suci**

OK sambung citer…


Lets talk about the trip..… First of all..

Pre Phuket Party..!!

One night before the journey started.. I went back home quite late. It was about 2.00 am in the morning.. During the time at the Passion, time flew damn fast.. We were celebrating a birthday party of an old friend of mine.. Happy belated birthday to you BRO!! The party was so splendid and great! Its almost 3 am.. and I didn’t pack up anything yet for tomorrow’s trip… It took me more than one hour to pack all those stuffs.. Sedar tak sedar.. dah dekat kol 5.. We’ll be leaving from Pantai Hillpark latest by 8 am.. Lynn was the one providing us with the transportation to KLIA .. I got 2 hrs to sleep… ZZzzz..

The next morning.. The other team was on time.. they reached the airport before us.. Din, Pokyok, Komeng and Sahak was the lineup for that team.. As for my team.. damn.. aku terbabas.. Overslept..!! nasib baik pokyok kejut .. dan nasib baik gak.. Lynn bangun lambat.. Sempat aku bersiap.., I prepared myself as fast as I could and gave our trip leader, Ery a call so that everyone can get ready.. Lynn picked us up in front of Phase 5 after half an hour of waiting.. Ayu brought us for breakfast first.. We went to Devi’s Corner in Bangsar.. (Giler detail citer aku..) Tp sebab Bfast nie lah.. kitorang lambat.. The 1.0 Perodua Myvi yg agak slow.. Even our Mitsubishi Evolution 4 driver, Mr Fazlynn Khamis couldn’t reach the airport on time.. 4 ppl plus our backpack.. mmg agak berat laa utk kereta 1 liter nak bawak laju2 kan..??? Luckily we reached the airport before the boarding time close.. uhh.. sib baik sempat..!! Kalo tak… Tak ber “Phuket” mana laa kite..

Went to buy some Duty Free’s Cigars before leaving.. In the plane, all eyes were focusing to the one and only stewardess in the plane.. Miss Faridah.. She was the only Air Asia girl, together with us in that flight mesti korang pelik kan..?? siap hafal nama.. Jgn pelik laa.. tgk name tag jer… dah tulis kat situ besar2.. “FARIDAH” **terbahak2 laa minah tu skrg**

The journey took 1 hrs and 15 minutes and I rest myself by taking a nap.. (I don’t know “one hour sleep” also can be referred as “nap”.. Muahaha)

Landed at Phuket Airport, Thailand.. 01032006.. 12.15 waktu siam..!! 115 waktu Malaysia.. Sejarah bermula… dot.. dot.. dot…

And that is all for now.. What?/ Come again?? all activities in phuket..?? its all have been told by Mr Averonz in his blog.. Its quite a redundant job if I put the stories here too. So please refer to Pokyok’s Link on the side bar of this MessageBORED.. Enjoy reading..!!

This is all about fascinating Phuket and to precise, PATONG beach..!!

Astalavista BROs!

Kap Kum Kapp..

(in Kg Pasir Panjang, they called Terima Kasih)!!



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