Tuesday, March 21, 2006

M A S and A I R A S I A

M.A.S or Air Asia..

m u a g a h a h a h a h a h a h . . . .

Sebenarnya, tetiba jer aku rasa nak tulis pasal this two airlines company ni.. Tak tau nape.. mungkin sebab surrounding aku kot... tetiba jer aku macam didedahkan dengan mcm² benda.. makhluk ataupon ratu² dari 2 company nie .. tetiba jer idup ini rasa mcm happening semacam.. rasa cam "pening" pon ada gak.. entah laa.. i am not sure..

yg peliknya...
tetiba semangat nak bercuti nie datang.. Even kitorang baru balik dr bercuti kat siam pon.. trasa lg.. gua rasa mmg kene pergi bercuti ke mana mana lagi lah.. geli² laa.. yg murah2 jadi laa.. yg mahal.. takde duit laa bai.. alang2 dah ada passport nie.. ku cekalkan hati.. blasah laa mana pon.. but it depends on Ery.. ouR last trip team leader. R we going to make it again?? Another trip for the CheapsRoom’s GUYS.. and Rikardo CARVALHO as well.. Anywhere can go broo..!! kalo bleh yg ada promotion aa.. murah skit.. kitorang menunggu mu Ery…

The other reason is bcoz of my last weekend activities.. What I did was.. err.. err.. arghh.. takpe lahh.. takyah bgtau aa.. ppl dat close to me surely would know what i am thinking of.. what I am trying to say is.. I did.. ermm.. No.. actually WE did… huhh.. takyah citer ahh.. OK OK.. forget about it.. we are not going to discuss anything on that topic.. as for today’s topic we are focussing on 2 our local airlines companies.. the first one is Malaysia Airlines.. and the other is Air Asia…

Where to start uh??
From the survey and observation had been done, huhu... i have compiled something here.. cam sial.. siap buat summary.. seriously, i think.. Both companies got really good employees.. with their polite staff.. the well-mannered and gracious workforce.. ppl (consumer and passenger) would enjoy being in the plane.. being treated by all the beautiful stewardess.. (bleh di gunapakai utk lelaki sajer.. utk pompuan tak tau aaa) as for me.. i think i agree..!!

OK let me intro a lil bit on MAS.. The company is officially called: Malaysia Airlines System, but everyone says MAS. It’s the Southeast Asia's largest airline, and one of the world's premier international carriers.

(this facts are taken from a book i've read here in office..)
- Malaysia Airlines began in 1947 as Malayan Airways.
- Renamed to Malaysian Airways in 1963.
- Renamed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1966.
- Ceased operation, MSA saperated into 2
Malaysian Airline System (MAS) and
Singapore Airlines in 1972.

Relax yok.. jgn cuak..
camana aku dapat buku pasal sejarah MAS nie.. actually.. ada org bagi aku.. org tu.. takleh bgtau aa sape.. HUHU.. (kasik cuak serampang 2 mata!!)

Okeh.. for Air asia..
Some facts on the Air Asia (the other airlines company).. Air Asia is the second largest airline in Malaysia. It doesn't have so much planes as Malaysia Airlines has, but it's very aggressive with its fares! And that is what we like, as consumers. (gi Phuket pon bleh free tickets.. sapa tak suke bai..) They fly all over Malaysia.. termasuklah Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo. Even some of the flight can bring us out from this domestic area. The international flight for Air Asia offered us cheaper ticket rate rather than what MAS offered.. (Apa lagi ery.... book laa mana mana ticket.. bangkok ker.. bali ker.. tp melbourne takder lg kot.... takleh lg laa tgk commonwealth games..) It departs just like all the other airlines, from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


Takleh nak explain more on Air Asia.. sebab bile Dalam Hati Ada Cinta… susah mau crita… akhir kata dari ku.. afundi MAS..! sebab hari hari minggu ku dihiburkan oleh mereka… few of the girls that can turn your world upside down and leave you sleepless for few days!! trust me fwenn..
my credit goes to Peter Cech wannabe… Bro I cant imagine.. those naughty daughters in the stewardess's uniform, with the highlighted hair some more.. yg rebonding (pakai jari pon boleh) .. yg berambut pendek (susah nak carik yg mcm ni.. cam adik adik gitewww).. dgn side skirt mivec (skirt pendek) .. intercooler VR4 dan spoiler mivec (matnor mesti paham).. instead of sluar panjang yg biasa stewardess² JUASEH jer pakai.. apa barang beb.. really cannot imagine.. Uh.. for me.. Somehow they look a bit unflappable.. though they are maintaining their kinkiness.. I think so..

Dahlaah!! enuff for d day..
ahahaha.. bukan berat sebelah.. or bukan tak suke kat Air Asia.. tp .. sebab kagum and culture shocked gitewww .. last but not least.. MAS mmg best..

Sekian dan terima kasih.. Peace..

Yg Culture Shocked,
- koneng -


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