Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chelsea.. MANUTD.. Liverpool.. Juasseh.. ??

dont miss it guys!

hi.. and alo to everyone..


Roughly .. theres no update for almost about 3 weeks.. sori la kawan2.. tak cukup masa laa.. quite bz with courses.. just came back from RESIDENCE.. had to attend the EDP course.. fak.. giler babi boring.. sib baik ada kawan2 kat bangi.. leh laa lepak2.. anyway. Thanks to Bambij.. for the perfect accomodation provided.. and I really enjoyed the BARCA game.. haha.. padahal.. 15 minit dah tdo.. hampeh aa ko Bij..

Its Saturday.. it’s a half day work.. still got so much outstanding issues to be settled here.. However.. I managed to locate some of the time to update this MESSAGE BORED… But I have nothing to say.. no idea at all.. after some brainstorming job is done.. I was thinking to write on one topic.. a topic that i should write here long ago.. about one of my best buddy.. a fren that is fun to be with.. kacak.. cantik.. ensem.. macho.. badan sedap.. bont mantap.. ada levis byk.. dockers pon byk.. ada tunang.. doctor plak tu… huh.. dah dah.. skit skit dah… mr ****OR..

The topic I try to highlight here is CHELSEA.. what is the connection between mr ****OR and CHELSEA?? For those who don’t know who is mr ****OR … he is a true chelseaman.. claim himself to be a fanatic fan of CHELSEA.. the coming champion for EPL this season..

Just a lil history on this matter.. a few years back.. in 2002 or 2003.. I think so.. i cant remember.. he was one of the MANCHESTER’s fan.. to be specific.. MANCHESTER UNITED..!! (a team that i support much.. until now !! ).. that time.. when the season started, he claimed to be one of the fans of FABIEN BARTHEZ.. the team started well with straight wins.. and managed to be at the top of EPL table.. nevertheless, after mid season reached.. LIVERPOOL took over to be at top .. and…all of the sudden.. this guy claimed himself to be one of the LIVERPOOL’s fans!!! I don’t know why this things could happen.. just bcoz MANUTD wasnt on that form.. leh tukar suke2 hati jer..?? bleh ker?? HOWEVER.. when the competition came to an end.. the standing of MAN UTD was somewhat better than LIVERPOOL.. and he claimed he never supported LIVERPOOL and went back to the club.. to give MANCHESTER side his full supports.. huhh..

after all this while.. 2005... 2006.. Chelsea get themselves to be one true competitor for the EPL title.. they managed to grab the last season title.. and also for this year possibly they will do it again.. PERHAPS..

And again.. this fellow claims himself.. that he is a big supporter of JOSE MAURINHO’s team.. WTF!!.. easily he keeps on telling his frens that he supports the most powerful EPL team for this year.. CHELSEA.. WHATEVER IT IS… whoever he supports.. he is still my best buddy.. a funny and handsome guy from KL (huh.. lebih ker aku up ko nie ??) hehe.. before I call it a day… just one question to you guys.... if WESBROMWICH ALBION or SUNDERLAND.. some day.. turn themselves to be at the top of the table.. will mr ****OR.. support them?? Think about it guys.. I cant give you the answer.. may be YES.. and maybe not.. but I hope.. that day wont come.. Whoever you support… I still luv you mr ****OR

Ok.. that’s all..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teman Tapi Mesra

Teman Tapi Mesra

Aku punya teman
teman sepermainan
kemana ada dia selalu ada aku

dia amat manis
juga baik hati
dia selalu adawaktu untuk membantuku

namun aku bingung
ketika dia bilang cinta
dan dia juga katakan
tuk ingin jadi kekasihku

cukuplah saja berteman denganku
janganlah kau meminta lebih
ku tak mungkin mencintaimu
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra

aku memang suka pada dirimu
namun aku ada yg punya
lebih baik kita berteman
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra

aku punya teman
teman sepermainan
kemana ada dia selalu ada aku
namun aku bingung
ketika dia bilang cinta
dan dia juga katakan
tuk ingin jadi kekasihku

Saing tapi Mesro versi Kelantan.

kawe punyo saing
saing sepermaine
ke mano ado dio sokmo ado kawe

dio amak come
jugo baik hati
dio selalu ado waktu untuk bantu kawe

namun kawe bengong
ketiko dio ghoyak cinto
de dio jugok kecek tuk ingin jadi gewe kawe

Reff :
boleh sajo saing nge kawe
jange mung mitok lebih
kawe tok ser cintai demo
kito bersaing sajo
saing tapi mesro

kawe meme berkene ko demo
namun kawe ado gewe doh
lebih baik kito bersaing
kito bersaing sajo
saing tapi mesro..

M.O.S.T probably, semua org dah hafal lyrics of the song written above... This “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” song is the first single from a Indo female group/duet, name RATU.. RATU is being made up of two beautiful cewek.. Maia Ahmad and Mulan.

I am not gonna discuss on Maia and Mulan.. Yeah.. both of them are really attractive and gorgeous .. but what is appealing me most to write today is on the title of their song.. “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” First of all.. what does it means? Like chalk and cheese, people have their own perception to define the meanings differently. Based on the KAMUS DEWAN.. haha.. siap rujuk kamus dewan.. (tak ahh tipu jer..) As of my point of view laa..

TEMAN = can be considered as friends, pal, buddy..

TAPI = but (takde makna lain dah.. kalo BUTT dah lain maknanya... haha)

MESRA = close.. intimate.. loving each other (not to say couple laa)..

So.. the general picture above.. Had given us sort like clues to conclude that.. “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” is more to a close friendship between people who is not emotionally committed to each other. In other words, as long as the friendship can brings happiness to the “friend”ship.. as well as.. both parties can get pleasure from it.. without emotionally committed and they carry themselves responsibly.. THAT can be considered as “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” .. ah.. ah .. ah..

It sounds good for people who extremely dislike of commitment… and whomever that says “No!” to caring any heart as like what couples always do.. On the other hand, it is sort like incorrect type of relationship for those who are looking for an ideal, great, perfect, correct Mr or Mrs Right… They surely won’t agree of the “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” concept. I think so.. Sejauh mana korang setuju atau tidak setuju.. aku tak tau lah.. Yang mana betul yg mana salah.. aku pon talak tau…

Hujah aku.. mmg sifat semulajadi wanita.. suke dibelai.. dipuji.. dihargai dan makan free.. (haha.. sapa sapa ada yg panas.. harap maaf.. ini mengikut kajian yg dibuat oleh pakar..) what is related to our topic today?? Without emotionally committed to each other, those friends could hang out together.. go lepak.. isap rokok sama2.. bercengkerama di bawah lampu minyak tanah.. layan cinema.. tgk Hindustan.. tukar2 baju sambil nyanyi guling2 kat bukit… dan dot dot dot..) as long as both parties got what they want, semua bleh jalan… that’s why this thing could happen..

Oleh itu.. Mari semua.. kita sambut maal hijrah.. (huhu.. nyanyi plok..)

Jadi.. kita dah tau concept “TEMAN TAPI MESRA” tu camana.. So.. To all the GIRLS out there… pandai2 laa jaga diri… cukup2 laa tipu boypren mu..!! to all lelaki2 kacak (tidak termasuk fathi).. kalo nak teman tp mesra tu.. pepandai laa cover.. jgn sampai kantoi.. (hujah penutup yg agak bunyik berat sebelah.. masalah perkauman tak timbul.. yg timbul masalah perjantinaan.. huhahaua..

DAH.. nak sambung keje..!! ciao.!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ikan Tongkol Nasi Dagang 45 Hengget ??

The RM 45 Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol

Some might say… its “worth every bite” ...

As for me.. it is not.. I agree that the Trengganu Nasi Dagang is the best nasi dagang in Malaysia.. but not for the price of 45 ringgit ... Gilo apo ???? Bukan buat kenduri nie…

(sedikit ilmuah di hari ini)
Actually.. both Kelantan & Terengganu got their own style of nasi dagang... How to differentiate it?? From my experience.. instead of taste, u can look at color of the rice.. the Kelantan Nasi Dagang is a bit brownish.. while Terengganu one is pure white in colour.. So after this.. u can distinguish the type before you start to buy and come into contact to any of it..!! – a simple tips for those who is NASI DAGANG’s blind.. (buta nasi dagang.. haha) The kuah is superb.. the brilliant taste with chillies stuff with fish and coconut surely will “kill” you guys... If your stomach can stand the spicy of all the ingredients, u can have xtra kuah.. and chillies.. huhh.. meleleh air liur gua..

(gambar ikan tonggol a.k.a ikan aye... tp bukan kuah nasik dagang.. ini dimasak singganGGG...)
Last couple of days.. All MALAYSIANS have been triggered with one big issue about the price of nasi dagang… this was happened at one place where nasik dagang comes very famous... Terengganu Darul ImanGG… Kalo kita baca dari paper.. kat Mesia.. Singapore.. UK.. US.. or even Afghanistan pon... mesti tau nye citer ni ... The news is all about.. one of the pengusaha kecil²an nasik dagang had sold the nasik dagang for a price of 45 ringgit.. and wretchedly, the customer, one local guy, reported it to the Persatuan Pengguna .. sebab tak puas hati ... Why is she still selling that so expensive? From the Newspaper readings, we dont know who is right ... and who is wrong... taktau Mak Ngah tu ker.. or Brader yg kene Ketuk tu yg betul..!!

Adalah seorang hamba allah dr Terengganu tu kata… So.. I translate it for you guys.. harap2 paham laa..

(the subtitles maybe incorrect.. but the story line is still there.. Sajer jer aku tertarik dgn penulisan dia nie... nampak sgt org parti pembangkang.. huhu)

Si Hasbullah orang Putrajaya celop tu nok beli pala ikang aya sahaja untuk bining dia hok ngidang. Tapi memang pada prinsipnya Mok Ngoh dok akan jual pala ikang saja, sebab dia buat krapoh campur ngan nasi dagang (bagi yang suka ratoh krapoh memang tahu nikmatnya). Jadi dia pung kabor lah "dok jual!"
Hasbullah.. a local guy that is currently working at Putrajaya… went to buy the KUAH of nasi dagang.. he asked the kuah to be put together with the KEPALA IKAN TONGKOL.. He wanted to buy for his wife, which was craving to eat it on that day.. But MAK NGAH didn’t want to put up the KUAH itself for sale.. it must be coming up together with the NASIK..!!

Tapi mat sekor ning degil jugok, campur eksyen sikit... maklumlah bining ngidang, tamboh pulok dia doh jadi keparat kat Putrajaya. Jadi dia pun dengan gong nye berkata..."Dok kira ah... nok jugok guane2 pung, harga berapa pung aku bayor". Jawabnya anok Mok Ngoh, kalu nok jugok RM45 semer skali. (Harga RM45 tu bukang utk paler ikang tu saja, termasuk jugok hok dia doh makang kedaroh kat kedai tu sekali.)
But.. the guy insisted to buy it.. and would pay for any price for it..
Then.. MokNgoh’ s son, (taktau nama apa) asked for RM 45 for the kuah (altogether with the bills of what they had eaten at the kedai before…)

Jadi kerana tak mboh napok komang dia bayor jugoklah... Padahal kalu rasa tertipu, kabor aja dok jadi ah beli pala ikang tu. Benda bungkus, bukan hok makang doh... Bui balik ah ke Mok Ngoh, habih cerita.
Oleh kerana EGO seorang lelaki.. dan taknak nampak sgt.. dia tu cap ayam… Dia bayar gak la.. (In fact, he could refused it if he think the price is unacceptable..)

Ke guane? Tapi kerana nok cari publisiti (dan nok kabor ke orang seluruh Malaysia yang dia keparat Putrajaya) dia buat heboh kat surat kabor pulok. Siang ke orang tua tu.
Hows that sounds? Is that the correct way to get the publicity.. to be cover of magazines.. main page of the newspapers….

Yang Kementerian tu pulok macam tak dok kerja lain. Kalu ikut nok saman peniaga hok dok bubuh harga makanan, di KL, Penang, Kuantan, Johor malah merata-rata belambok... Bak kata Kalimullah Hassan, hasil kutipan saman kerajaan buleh buat jambatan dari Kuantan ke Kuching. Unfortunately for Mokngah.. She has to pay for a penalty for not declaring the exact price of each menu (at that small restaurant.. what do you expect guys..???).. As mentioned by Kalimullah Hassan, the moneys collected from the government’s fine, accumulatively can even build a bridge frm Kuantan to Kuching..!!

Begitulah adanya....
That’s all folks..