Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chelsea.. MANUTD.. Liverpool.. Juasseh.. ??

dont miss it guys!

hi.. and alo to everyone..


Roughly .. theres no update for almost about 3 weeks.. sori la kawan2.. tak cukup masa laa.. quite bz with courses.. just came back from RESIDENCE.. had to attend the EDP course.. fak.. giler babi boring.. sib baik ada kawan2 kat bangi.. leh laa lepak2.. anyway. Thanks to Bambij.. for the perfect accomodation provided.. and I really enjoyed the BARCA game.. haha.. padahal.. 15 minit dah tdo.. hampeh aa ko Bij..

Its Saturday.. it’s a half day work.. still got so much outstanding issues to be settled here.. However.. I managed to locate some of the time to update this MESSAGE BORED… But I have nothing to say.. no idea at all.. after some brainstorming job is done.. I was thinking to write on one topic.. a topic that i should write here long ago.. about one of my best buddy.. a fren that is fun to be with.. kacak.. cantik.. ensem.. macho.. badan sedap.. bont mantap.. ada levis byk.. dockers pon byk.. ada tunang.. doctor plak tu… huh.. dah dah.. skit skit dah… mr ****OR..

The topic I try to highlight here is CHELSEA.. what is the connection between mr ****OR and CHELSEA?? For those who don’t know who is mr ****OR … he is a true chelseaman.. claim himself to be a fanatic fan of CHELSEA.. the coming champion for EPL this season..

Just a lil history on this matter.. a few years back.. in 2002 or 2003.. I think so.. i cant remember.. he was one of the MANCHESTER’s fan.. to be specific.. MANCHESTER UNITED..!! (a team that i support much.. until now !! ).. that time.. when the season started, he claimed to be one of the fans of FABIEN BARTHEZ.. the team started well with straight wins.. and managed to be at the top of EPL table.. nevertheless, after mid season reached.. LIVERPOOL took over to be at top .. and…all of the sudden.. this guy claimed himself to be one of the LIVERPOOL’s fans!!! I don’t know why this things could happen.. just bcoz MANUTD wasnt on that form.. leh tukar suke2 hati jer..?? bleh ker?? HOWEVER.. when the competition came to an end.. the standing of MAN UTD was somewhat better than LIVERPOOL.. and he claimed he never supported LIVERPOOL and went back to the club.. to give MANCHESTER side his full supports.. huhh..

after all this while.. 2005... 2006.. Chelsea get themselves to be one true competitor for the EPL title.. they managed to grab the last season title.. and also for this year possibly they will do it again.. PERHAPS..

And again.. this fellow claims himself.. that he is a big supporter of JOSE MAURINHO’s team.. WTF!!.. easily he keeps on telling his frens that he supports the most powerful EPL team for this year.. CHELSEA.. WHATEVER IT IS… whoever he supports.. he is still my best buddy.. a funny and handsome guy from KL (huh.. lebih ker aku up ko nie ??) hehe.. before I call it a day… just one question to you guys.... if WESBROMWICH ALBION or SUNDERLAND.. some day.. turn themselves to be at the top of the table.. will mr ****OR.. support them?? Think about it guys.. I cant give you the answer.. may be YES.. and maybe not.. but I hope.. that day wont come.. Whoever you support… I still luv you mr ****OR

Ok.. that’s all..


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