Monday, May 08, 2006

05 05 2006

accidentally in love . .

On the day before.. I slept earlier than usual....reason being???... ASTRO dah kene potong.. terpaksa laa tdo awal.. lagipon nak kena drive to PD the next morning.. so.. nak bangun awai laa.. konon2 nak gi isi minyak (bukan kat shell BATU BURUK.. hahahaha..).. pam tayar keter.. and to do all the minor services (padahal bukan servis pon...biar bunyi gempak technical skit...padahal setakat pam minyak and pam tayar tu...grandma jiran aku pon bleh.. heheh) before we all start our journey to PD.. Oh lupa nak bgtau.. supposedly.. on that fifth.. all the workout session committee had to go for site visit at Tiara Beach Resort, PD..

After finished all the minor service (again i like this bagus jer!), I hit the road to Menara TM's lobby.. planned to park there .. while waiting for other committees to come.. i reached there about 7.30 am.. there was only one fucking parking left....being a kiasu i quikly jumped out my ride to move the cone... skittles (camni ker eja?) and jumped back in my ride to park.. I shifted the gear to "D" ( i think D is more suitable for dumb ass rather than drive!).. All of the sudden.. RPM naik.. seolah2 mcm ada hantu tekan paddle minyak aku… demit!!..oh know...oh know..loose control KAPADABABOOOOMMM!!!! .... patah kaki! ....booomm... kepala meletup! ..... and you know what's the ending of this sad story..?? dah laa kat depan keter tu.. dinding keras.. baeekk nyee… batu kerikil nye dinding.. Strike laa.. gua tak main laa spare spare nie.. split pon confirm tak main… strike terus.. arghh…!! skrg kter gua dah jadik cam kelisa... kelisa silver.. plat pon tercampak tak kemana mana.. 2717 dah jadik 4818.. sbb pening kot.. tunggenggg aku!!

Blank aku kejap.. taktau nak buat apa dah.. my reflection that day.. sbb dah malu sgt (ala ala malu kalah tournament bola jarring.. benci mak!!).. I drove the ride to BP petrol station.. nearby.. and started to call pokyok, sahak n ery… the rescue team…(cam chip and dale rescue ranger plak! Teringat kat komeng.. cheap Charlie…) nak call member2 terengganu.. jauh sgt... lagipon .. kesian aa kalo suruh diorang datang.. gaji gomen.. kecik je.. nak support takleh aa.. (yer ker gaji gomen kecik??) while waiting for them.. I checked and figured out the cost of the damaged…kachinggggg...there goes my money!! cermin depan pecah.. (abiss aa kepala aku..), bumper.. panel.. lampu depan.. radiator.. uhh.. sdihnye.. after discussed with the guys.. I drove my LORI BALAK.. aka kelisa tuh.. slowly to the nearby police station.. @ Bangsar blkg ofis jer.... the police asked me to report it at the traffic police station at Jalan Bandar…So.. ku cekalkan hati ku .. bawak laa keter ke sana.. gamble gak ahh..!!

Lets make it short.. smpai Jalan Bandar.. Terus gi report.. took some pictures on the car.. dan terus di "tow" ke bengkel… somewhere at Sri Damansara.. Huhh.. sdih sdih.. what?? My journey?? Pergi tetap kene pergi.. cume kene tukar transport laa.. naik GSR non-turbo.. CAS363.. thanks to Sahak..!!

I suppose to go to the workshop today.. tak sabar nak tgk keter.. lagipon.. I hv to submit the insurance policy and a copy of geran kereta.. moreover.. I need to discuss on the additional cost.. (kalo bengkel kat Kubang Parit, Trg mesti muroh... kalo Sri Damansara.. huhu,... brapa ahh aku kene nie..) .. wish me lak bebeh..

:: my credit goes to.. all my frens that helped me a lot.. that day.. especially Sahak n Ery.. to all the workout session committees.. thanks for fetching me up at Jln Bandar Police Station.. and to all frens.. don't worry.. driver takde apa apa kecederaan.. still cute and miuttt.. hahaa.. but still tgh tertonggeng pening.. alhamdulillah.. calloobetti ::